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Splash is a multi-chain directory linking each community’s collections and tokens to their games, apps and everything else in between. Our mission is to become the go-to platform for tokenized community engagement, offering brands and creators a powerful tool to build loyalty and empower lifetimes of value.
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Golden Rush collection NFTs - closed policy id

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Cardano Link

New link added! 530 link total

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Cardano Centers

Bitcoin Pizza Event At The Cardano Center

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New Jobs Modules is LIVE!!!

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The Art Bank

A Cultural Renaissance Part 4

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Cardano Link

New Partnership!

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Cardano Centers

Splash Will Now Be The Main Hosting Page For Cardano Centers

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Frame Your Clay And You Could Win ADA 500!

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Digital Gold Token

Cardano Girls’ Viral Trend Brings New Faces To The BlockChain

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The Art Bank

A Cultural Renaissance Part 3

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Learn about blockchains with active communities including Cardano, Hedera, Avalanche, Algorand, XRP, Polygon and Tezos.

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